Thursday, 17 December 2015

November Wrap Up

This is incredibly late but I was waiting until I had the chance to put the video up on the channel before doing the post here to go along with it and for the sake of completeness going forward I decided to do this post anyway even if late. I'm aiming to always get it done nearer the end of the month in the future (*crosses fingers*) so hopefully this delay really is just a one time thing.

So here are all the books I read during November!


Other Reads:
  • 'The Favorite' (The Selection #2.6), by Kiera Cass (4/5)
Marlee's story in The Selection. It follows her life after the events of the second book up to where she stands in 'The Heir'. She has always been one of my favorite characters in the series and it was great to get to read her side of things even if only for a little while.

  • 'An On Dublin Street Christmas' (On Dublin Street #1.1), by Samantha Young (1/5)
I only picked this up because I stubbornly like to give second chances to series but my thoughts on it still stand. This short-story follows the same couple of the first book and I just cannot stand Braden, the male character. The 'caveman' trope doesn't fly with me in the slightest and I was just rushing through it to get it out of the way.

  • 'Until Fountain Bridge' (On Dublin Street #1.5), by Samantha Young (3/5)
Since I had this other short-story from the same series to read and the couple changed I went ahead and picked it up. While it did work better for me than the previous, I still had a problem with the male character, this time Adam. I'm very tempted to drop the series altogether but I have been told it gets better, so maybe eventually when I am feeling especially patient I will give it a go.

  • 'Rusty Nailed' (Cocktail #2), by Alice Clayton (5/5)
After the previous fiasco in the romance I read during the month I decided to go for a safe bet, and Alice Clayton was a perfect choice. I had started this series earlier this year and knowing that this second book was again with the same couple of the first (Caroline and Simon) I knew I was going to love this just as much. Quick, fluffy and hilarious read!

  • 'Screwdrivered' (Cocktail #3), by Alice Clayton (4/5)
As you can tell by the rest of this list, throughout November I fell into a romance pit and just could not get out! I was not as much of a fan of this book as the previous ones because it revolves around one of my most hated tropes: love triangles. Although it wasn't very strong in that regard it kept going back to it and I just kept rolling my eyes every time the third party was mentioned. It also escalates very quickly towards the end and it didn't feel very natural to me.

  • 'Mai Tai'd Up' (Cocktail #4), by Alice Clayton (4/5)
Really enjoyable book, and I appreciated the fact that the main couple (Chloe/Lucas) admit from the very start that there is chemistry between them but they do not want to go that route because of previous relationship issues (she left her fiance at the altar, he was left at the altar by his own childhood sweetheart. Talk about awkward). I was, however, hoping for more, and the end seemed to arrive too soon.

  • 'Last Call' (Cocktail #4.5), by Alice Clayton (5/5)
Back to my favorite couple, Caroline and Simon! In this novella we get not only the wrapping up of their own story, but also discover where all the other couples from the previous books are in their relationships and it was a perfect ending for a series.

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