Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Top Ten Best Books I Read In 2015

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is something that I dread doing every year. How can I possibly decide on just a select group of favorite books, and more importantly, put them in order?

So I pulled my list of books read throughout this year and, unless I get a last minute surprise (who doesn't love one of those), these were my favorite books of 2015!

1. 'Illuminae', by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

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I did not have to think twice about which book was my absolute favorite this year. In one of my reviews (I loved it so much I reviewed it twice) I said this was going to be my favorite read of the year and no book I have read since then has surpassed it.

An incredible concept with brilliant execution and an even better plot-twist ending, if you have yet to read this book, make it one of your choices for 2016. You will not regret it!

2. 'A Court of Thorns and Roses', by Sarah J. Maas

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While I have my issues with the 'Throne of Glass' series (mainly my hatred of love triangles), I absolutely loved the first installment in Sarah's new series. I'm a sucker for a good retelling, and since the 'Lunar Chronicles' have come to an end (*sniff*) this series will help me scratch that itch.

I squealed every time something vaguely 'Beauty and the Beast' related happened, and while I seem to have really bad luck with the faerie books I pick up, this one delivered.

I'm seeing the love triangle coming in the horizon for the rest of the trilogy though, and I'm bracing myself.

3. 'Ugly Love', by Colleen Hoover


All. Of. The. Feels.

I mentioned in last week's TTT that I don't read much romance, but it's getting to read stories like this that makes me go back to the genre when I can. I read it practically in one sitting, and it left me reeling and unable to pick up anything else for days. I just couldn't even.

I can't wait for the movie adaptation to come out! Because of reasons.

4. 'We Were Liars', by E. Lockhart


You know those books where you know there will be a plot twist at the end, you have no idea what it will be, and once you find out you kind of hate yourself because you go back to the beginning and wonder how on earth you missed it? And because you will never be able to read it again for the first time and get that feeling again?

This is the mother of all of those books. Such a brilliantly written story that had me literally shouting when I finished. Ask my neighbors.

5. 'The Shock of the Fall', by Nathan Filer

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I had never joined a read-along until earlier this year when I did the one for Mental Illness Awareness and it is thanks to it that I picked up this book and have been trying to join more, if only for the chance to find out about books like these.

Such a brilliant, thought provoking story. You can pick up any sentence at random and see the work that went into it.

I absolutely adored it and I need to find time soon to re-read it!

6. 'Vicious', by V.E. Schwab


If this story had been written by anyone other than Victoria, I would have probably hated it. This whole book is literally a build up to something that only happens in the last 10 pages or so. Do I usually dislike books like that? Yes. Did I dislike this one? Not in a million years.

Am I incredibly excited that we will be getting a sequel? Oh, hell yes.

I now want a whole genre of books where the protagonists are villains. Please and thank you!

7. 'Starflight', by Melissa Landers


This is a sneaky inclusion since it does not come out until next year. Needless to say, this was one of my favorite giveaway wins of all time!

After 'Illuminae' I started craving more science fiction but had been worried that everything else would pale by comparison. However, this was still a great book that had me stuck to the pages until the very end.

Look out for my review of it closer to release!

8. 'The Girl on the Train', by Paula Hawkins

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This book had been on my wishlist since release and when Paula came to Edinburgh for 'Book Week Scotland' I found there my excuse to finally go out and buy it.

While I had been expecting more of a plot twist and had already figured out the ending, it was such an engrossing read and a very interesting look into the psychology of women and how relationships can transform them.

Another one I'm really excited to see the movie adaptation of!

9. 'The A to Z of You and Me', by James Hannah


Man, I was in a whirlwind of emotion reading this one. I definitely regretted reading most of it on the bus. Apologies to anyone that might have seen me holding back tears over the rush hour. The book made me do it!

This is one of those 'punch in the gut' books. His writing is fantastic and you don't even notice that some crucial details like names are held out until the end with so engrossing the story is.

If you are looking for something to make you sob, 10/10 would recommend!

10. 'Trouble is a Friend of Mine', by Stephanie Tromly

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To end on a happier note, this was probably the most hilarious book I read all year. The banter between the main characters is beyond perfect, and it takes skill to put two completely different people together, make you question how can it possibly work, but then it totally does.

I have been patiently waiting for the sequel since the moment I finished it, and hopefully that will also be part of my favorites for 2016!


  1. Can't wait to read The Girl On The Train, and Trouble Is A Friend of Mine!
    Great List!

    My TTT! :D

  2. Thank you for your quick summaries, so helpful and makes me want to add more to my Wishlist especially A-Z and your favourite Illuminae. Happy Holidays