Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For No Love Triangles

This week's Top Ten Tuesday gives us an option of what type of books to recommend. One of the things I find to be very scarce in books these last few years is the non-existence of the 'love triangle' trope, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to compile a little list of books that steer away from that over-used, nonsensical plot device!

So gather round, my friends, and let us read about characters with no fondness for the three sided geometrical shape! I will try and be as diverse in genres as possible.

1. 'Red Rising' series, by Pierce Brown

The characters in this book barely have time for a life, let alone a love life. Still, there are some romantic elements throughout the books, and while they are in no shape or form the most important part of the plot, they are still there.

Also, if you are sick of excessively romantic plots, this will be perfect to take you out of it. All the blood and gore you can think of will surely fix that problem! Still, keep tissues around. You have been warned.

2. 'Lost Stars', by Claudia Gray

Keeping with the science fiction genre, this one is more romance orientated than 'Red Rising'. So if you're still wanting some romance in your read, but without the third-wheel attached, this is the way to go!

At one point there is a third character briefly involved but they deal with it like, you know, normal human beings. They move past it and it's not used for plot advancement.

And, you know, Star Wars.

3. 'Angelfall', by Susan Ee

In this case I do wish there was a love triangle: between Penryn, Raffe, and some damn common sense.

For the dystopian fans out there, this is a safe bet.

Also, Raffe. This whole series is worth it just because of Raffe.

4. 'Ugly Love', by Colleen Hoover


Let's be honest, I just wanted an excuse to recommend this book again.

Go read it.


5. 'The Lunar Chronicles', by Marissa Meyer


So many pairings, so little triangulating.

YA authors, take notes!

6. 'Newsoul' trilogy, by Jodi Meadows


Every time an author writes a series without love triangles, an angel gets its wings.

Or something like that.

It's not the first time I've recommended this series, and this is yet another aspect in which it is awesome!

7. 'House of Comarré' series, by Kristen Painter


This one is for the urban fantasy fans out there!

One of my favorite series in the genre for the past few years, where you get a strong, independent woman who can't really be bothered with one man, let alone two.

I have yet to finish the series so I am not aware if a love triangle does come up towards the end, so tread carefully.


I did have more books that I wanted to recommend but they seem to fall into the genres that I already covered here, so if you already read these and want something else do ask! I'm still counting it as a complete list of ten recommendations since most of these are series (and sadly, I always end up reading stuff with love triangles in it).
Any books that you can recommend to me without this trope?

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