Tuesday, 6 September 2016

July & August Wrap Up

July was such a slow reading month for me (with only two finished books) that, once again, here is a joint wrap up. August definitely picked up, and even with me having to get a head start on my university reads, I got to pick up some fantastic books!

(I forgot to include my July reads in the picture ups)

Other Reads:
  • 'The Handmaid's Tale', by Margaret Atwood (5/5)
 This book made the feminist in me very angry, but in a good way. Set in a 'futuristic' world (which is essentially contemporary to our own, considering when this was written) where fertile women are used for nothing more than reproduction, this was a book that definitely caught me by surprise!
  • 'Orlando', by Virginia Woolf (2/5)
This was just... Weird. I love Virginia Woolf, but this was definitely not for me. Going through four centuries and having as a protagonist a man that suddenly becomes a woman, I can understand what the underlying message of it is, but I just can't appreciate the execution.

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