Monday, 3 October 2016

September Wrap Up

September was, once again, a month with little to no reading... *sigh* I really need to step up my game, otherwise my TBR will never end!

I had one book that I gave up on, and then managed to finish two others. Crossing my fingers that October will turn out better!

Review Coming Soon:

Other Reads:
  • 'Caged', by Theresa Breslin (Unfinished)
 This book had given me the impression of being a very fast paced read and reminiscent of 'Fight Club', but I quickly saw how mistaken I was. I didn't make it past 50 pages because the main character's voice was completely bland, and the writing style just wasn't for me.
  • 'The Left Hand of Darkness', by Ursula LeGuin (2/5)
 A read for my Science Fiction class at University, this book definitely has its pros and cons. Set in a faraway planet where the main character wishes to convince its rulers to join an intergalactic coalition of planets, it barely has any plot away from that. It is ambitious in its approach of gender as the native people don't have a gender, but at the same time it becomes problematic. With great world building, this is definitely a book to read slowly, otherwise you will end up skipping passages like I did.

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