Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top Ten Best Books Of 2016

Why, hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it?

While I've been trudging along with deadlines, catching up on reading and just overall dealing with life, the blog here (and especially Top Ten Tuesday) ended up being a bit neglected. I've been doing some blogging 'soul searching' lately and 2017 will bring along some changes, which hopefully will result in more ramblings by yours truly around these parts.

So, I thought that there would be no better topic for me to return to Top Ten than choosing my favorite books of the year. 2016 might have been an absolute pain in the ass, but it did bring along quite a few amazing books, so not everything is lost!

As always, I'm not 100% sure these are in order of preference, because every time I try to organize these lists I feel like the few remaining brain cells I still have at full capacity throw their little hands up in the air and chastise me for my torture of them. For the sake of my collapsing brain then, here are, probably in no order, my favorite reads of 2016!

1. 'A Court of Mist and Fury', by Sarah J. Maas

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As much as I've become 'unenchanted' with the 'Throne of Glass' series (I just could not ignore the level of problematic relationships and representation going on), ACOTAR still manages to hook me, and this second installment had me entranced from the first page to the last. While I understand some people also find it problematic, in my opinion it does present itself as a matter of point of view, and I was satisfied with the explanation provided.

Let's see if by the end of the trilogy that will still be the case!

2. 'And I Darken', by Kiersten White

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This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016, and even though it was towards the bottom of the list it managed to catch me by surprise with its brilliance and has risen towards the top of my favourites.

It was one of only a couple of books I've read this year that immediately had me wanting to go back to the first page to read it again, but I just could not summon the strength to face ALL OF THE FEELS so soon.

3. 'Morning Star', by Pierce Brown

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Speaking of the feels...

This book had me heavily procrastinating on my university work, because I could not read a single page of anything else as soon as I got my hands on a copy.

It's been a while since I found the end of a series so satisfying, and I am glad that there will be another to revisit all my favorite characters! (the ones who survived, at least...)

4. 'Ready Player One', by Ernest Cline

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The geek was VERY strong in this one.

This is one of those books that I can easily see myself coming back to in the future (once I'm not drowning under my TBR, that is). It had the great combination of allowing me to reminisce about my childhood with a fantastic quest-like plot, so I will use the excuse of going from the audiobook to an actual copy to justify a re-read one of these days.

5. 'Nevernight', by Jay Kristoff

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I'm not usually one to carelessly start an epic fantasy sized series due to the commitment it requires in reading time alone, but going with the theme I pursued for most of the year of reading about badass, layered ladies, I could not give this one a pass.

With a unique narrative, I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel. I will gladly spend weeks devouring it, page by delicious page.

6. 'Winter', by Marissa Meyer


I dreaded picking up this book for most of the year, purely due to the fact I didn't want one of my favorite series to be over. What if I was disappointed?

Turns out I had no reason to fear, because Marissa outdid herself and managed to weave a fantastic story with all the previous protagonists into this last installment as if it was nothing.

Now I'm surviving with the thought I still have some short-stories to read...

7. 'Bloodline', by Claudia Gray

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I restricted myself to only picking one Star Wars book for this list because, let's be honest, I could probably fill half of it with novels from the new canon.

That one choice had to be this, because Leia is such an iconic character that the task of writing her must have not been easy, but it was achieved brilliantly.

Also, again, a multitude of feels.

8. 'The Driver's Seat', by Muriel Spark


This is one of those rare cases where I, again, wanted to re-read the book as soon as I finished it (and that I enjoyed a university assigned read this much).

Quite short but engrossing from the first page, I was thinking about this story  for a long time after I finished it. I don't see enough people talking about this book, so here is my heartily (for what it is worth) recommendation!

9. 'The Handmaid's Tale', by Margaret Atwood


2016 was definitely the perfect year to read this book.

I hadn't heard much about it before I read it, but it has since blown up to very great heights, and it's even being adapted into a series, which I am very much looking forward to.

The perfect gift to give to that one 'I am not a feminist' woman in your life. Trust me.

10. 'Blame', by Simon Mayo

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Even though this comes at the bottom of the list (I hate placing things in order of preference, as it's been well established in this post) it does not represent any lack of quality of the book itself.

Much like 'The Handmaid's Tale', it presents us with an alternate future that could very easily become our own, and the fact that it is set in London really made it hit that much closer to home. A truly fantastic read.


Now, let's hope that I don't read anything mindblowingly amazing until the end of 2016 (*cough* like it happened in 2015 *cough*) which will make me come back and change this list, but with what little I have planned to read until then (and even then, just to achieve my goodreads goal), I doubt that will be the case, but, who knows? 2016 has surprised us with a hell of a lot worse.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post - and also adding more books to my TBR list in the process!

    Happy reading!

  2. Ready Player One is one of my all time favorite reads, and it's probably time for a re-read... And I definitely need to get to ACOMAF, but I almost want to wait for the whole series to publish, re-read book 1 and then just binge on it, but I said the same thing about Maas's other series, and as far as I know that's still going on.

    Hope 2017 is fulled with amazing books!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  3. I really liked A Court of Mist and Fury, too, although it didn't make my favorites list.

    My TTT: http://bookworm716.blogspot.com/2016/12/top-ten-tuesday-favorite-reads-of-2016.html

  4. And I Darken made my list as well! I've had Ready Player One on my TBR for way too long. Maybe I'll get to it in 2017! Great list! Happy New Year!

    My Favorites of 2016