Tuesday, 3 January 2017

December Wrap Up

The end of 2016 brought with it probably the most diversity in genres in my year of readings. I read contemporary, short stories, science fiction, non-fiction... and even a graphic novel! (amazing when you're running behind on your yearly reading goal).

I wasn't as prolific review wise in December as I decided to take a little break from blogging while I was away from uni (I'm about to go back and I am 100% not ready), so hopefully I will get back into the gear of things soon, but I will leave that for my 2017 Resolutions post coming later this week!

Without further ado, here are the last books I read in 2016!


Other Reads:
  •  'Zen in the Art of Writing', by Ray Bradbury (1/5)
I had been wanting to reading this for years, and seeing it on my reading list for a creative writing module I'm taking this trimester gave me the perfect excuse to finally do so. I'd seen a lot of people praising this, and, even though I have never read any of Bradbury's fiction, that has never stopped me from enjoying an author's non-fiction work based on writing. Sadly this really wasn't for me, as it is heavily biographical, and since it collects essays published throughout a long period of time, it is also repetitive at times. I didn't really take anything from it, which is my main goal when reading writing craft books.
  • 'On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft', by Stephen King (4/5)
This had the exact same build up to me as the previous book: had been meaning to read it for a long time, and I've never read any of Stephen King's work. Luckily, this was definitely better suited for me. Even if it also contains that biographical side, I found myself really enjoying learning more about such a successful and prolific author and his upbringing. Even if I don't complete agree with some of his 'rules', there is definitely a lot of inspiration to be taken from this book!
  • 'Summer Days and Summer Nights', edited by Stephanie Perkins (4/5)
I know, I know, December in Scotland is definitely not the most appropriate time to reach for a summer themed short story collection, but I was hoping it would chase away the cold. I almost reached for the winter one instead, but I'd been looking forward to this for ages and so I gave it a go even with the seasonal mishap. In general, I really enjoyed it! There were a couple of stories that were not quite for me, but I think it was a lot more balanced that Perkins' previous collection. I was also surprised to see a lot of diversity, both racial and LGBT wise, and a broaching of topics I wasn't expecting. I've said it plenty of times, but I will forever read anything and everything that Perkins is involved in, she is a genius!
  • 'Deadpool: The Complete Collection (Volume 1), by Daniel Way (5/5)
I've had this graphic novel sitting in my shelf for literally ages (the plan had originally been to read it before the movie came out, so I definitely missed that deadline), but since I'm not really in the habit of reading graphic novels (something I'm definitely changing in 2017), I kept putting it off. I was in sore need of some laughs towards the end of the month, so what better person to make that happen than Deadpool? This collection puts together Deadpool's comic book appearances chronologically, so it is the best way to avoid that common 'I want to read graphic novels but where do I start' problem that I think affects a lot of people. As I was expecting it was hilarious, and I can't wait to continue the collection! (even though it is quite pricey. Yikes.)
  • 'The Crown', by Kiera Cass (5/5)
For my last read of the year I was wanting a quick, light book that I would be sure to enjoy, and Kiera Cass is my go to girl in those situations. This is another series end that I'd been putting off a bit since its release, since 'The Selection' has been such an awesome guilty pleasure read for me, and I'm sad to see it go. That being said, it was a very satisfying end, and I wouldn't have changed a thing!


What about your December reads? Did you finish off the year with some banging books?

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