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Favorite Polarizing Books - TOP 5 WEDNESDAY!

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This is the first time I am doing Top 5 Wednesday here on the blog, as I used to do it over on my Youtube channel. It will now be a permanent fixture through written form, and every month I will pick my favorite topics either from this or Top Ten Tuesday, to help keep things interesting and varied.

This week the topic is polarizing books, and it will probably raise some discussions. These are the books that people either love or hate, no middle ground allowed. I see this happen quite a lot around YA books, since those are the ones I read the most, but it just seems that 'adult' books don't pull that kind of passionate dichotomy between readers.

I am thinking that the aim of this Top 5 is to choose books that we love in that situation, but I will also include the other end of the spectrum: books I did not like that everyone and their mothers rave about. Because I often find myself in that position...

With introductions done, lets jump right in!

1. 'Throne of Glass' series, by Sarah J. Maas

From the moment I read the first book in this series I felt like the odd one out. Yes, I had enjoyed the book, but I wasn't completely obsessed with it like a lot of people seem to be. Because of that, it took me ages to catch up, and it was when I got to 'Heir of Fire' that I just had to hit the breaks and get out of that mess of a car.

Reading that book just filled me such a rage that I very nearly gave up on it, and only didn't do it out of sheer stubbornness. I cannot believe how people can so fully support what is straight from the beginning a very abusive and problematic relationship, but I have seen a lot of 'blindness' regarding this. Other than that I got tired of seeing my favorite characters being killed off by the end, so I am very much out of this train now.

2. 'The Raven Boys', by Maggie Stiefvater

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This was a book that I really, really wanted to love. I don't think I know a single person that is not absolutely in love with this series, and so finally I started the first book last summer.

Maggie is an author that I love as a person, but every book that I seem to pick up from her in recent years is just either not for me or I probably read them at the wrong time. This took me over a month to get through, and by then I did want to know what happened to the characters, but was in no way interested in putting in the time to read the rest.

3. 'Red Rising' series, by Pierce Brown

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Getting to something that I actually enjoyed, I am completely obsessed with this trilogy. I devoured the books and was thoroughly traumatized in the process, but they are among my favorite books ever.

However, a lot of people don't seem to make it past the first few chapters before giving up. It is very weird being at this end of the spectrum, when you love something and can't understand what other people see wrong with it!

4. 'Red Queen', by Victoria Aveyard


This is another series that I love, but quite a lot of the book community seems to have a problem with. In this case I can kind of understand where they are coming from with their criticism, I just simply do not agree with it.

It is always odd enjoying things that some people find problematic, but I think it is a matter of finding a balance and see if those issues are fixed at some point, which for me they were with this series!
5. 'Nevernight', by Jay Kristoff

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Speaking of problematic...

I read this book in ARC form and absolutely loved it. It was, in fact, one of my favorite books of 2016. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it at the time, but recently there have been Maori people coming out and saying that this book has bad representation of indigenous people.

Not being a member of that group I cannot really comment to that regard, so the best I can do is pay better attention when I read the continuation of the series (and other books, for that matter).


It took me longer than I thought to put together this list, and I think it's because whenever you love a book, you tend to shut out the people that say it is horrible. I only mentioned two books that I disliked, but if this entire top was about that it would have been a lot easier to do.

As polarizing as these books are, do you disagree with me about any of them? Or are we on the same page?

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