Monday, 27 February 2017

December/January Book Haul

Yet another feature that I am moving from booktube over here! (because I certainly need things to keep the blog updated, sorry for the inconsistency lately everyone...)

Anyway, I'm not planning on having a lot of these posts in the near future, since I am on a self imposed book buying ban for the entirety of this year. I have way too many books that have been on my shelf for years that are still unread, and so I'd rather try and get to those than keep trying to squeeze even more books in the inexistent space I have left.

However, I have still been getting a few books from publishers (even that requesting has been reduced to the bare minimum, but in some cases the publicists are lovely enough to surprise me with books that are just up my alley), so I thought the least I could do would be to dedicate them a post once in a while.

I did get a couple more books than the ones pictured since December, but since I've already read and reviewed them, I thought I'd let it slide this time (and I didn't want to mess up my shelf by taking them out, ups).

Anyway, here are the books I've received in the past two months!

  • 'Aftermath: Empire's End' by Chuck Wendig. The last in the Aftermath trilogy, which I still haven't started but have set in stone to binge read as soon as I'm on summer break. Nothing like having a completed Star Wars series to read back to back! [Goodreads]
  • 'See You In The Cosmos', by Jack Cheng. I had no idea about what this book was about until I got it, but the blurb has got me very, very intrigued. I'm also doing an effort to read more diverse authors, so this also hits that requirement. [Goodreads]
  • 'One of Us is Lying', by Karen M. McManus. Now this one I'd heard about, and I very much wanted to read it, so seeing it on my doorstep was an absolute delight. I very rarely read thrillers, but it seems that when one jumps out at me I am never wrong in my expectations. Thank you so very much to Penguin for these three books! [Goodreads]
  • 'This is Where the World Ends', by Amy Zhang. I've heard mixed opinions about this book, so I wasn't exactly jumping off my seat to get a copy, but the lovely folk over at Harper Collins had a spare proof and so I thought I'd give it a go sometime. Also helps with my diversity goal! [Goodreads]
  • 'A Conjuring of Light', by V.E. Schwab. Yet another trilogy coming to an end that I have yet to start... Shaaaaame. I wasn't expecting to get this at all since I am so behind on reading it, but Titan surprised me with a copy. Another trilogy to binge read this summer, especially since it is now getting adapted into film! [Goodreads]
  • 'A Tale for the Time Being', by Ruth Ozeki. Now this one and the next were purchases for university, so technically they don't count towards my ban (and I got them in December anyway, so there). I have literally no idea what this is about, but the reads for this module have been alright, so I'm at least curious to see what comes out of it. [Goodreads]
  • 'Into the Woods', by John Yorke. Even though this is about screenwriting. I've been meaning to read this book as writing research for ages. Then I saw it on my creative writing reading list and it was fate! Sadly I haven't had the time to read it yet, but soooooon. [Goodreads]

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