Friday, 31 March 2017

February/March Wrap Up

If reading slumps are the worst and you know it clap your hands... *clap* clap*

These last couple of months have been the absolute worst reading wise for me. I could barely manage to make myself read the books that I had to for classes, and outside of that I've been either too busy with work or just can't get myself to pick anything to read. Which explains why the blog has been so quiet lately... (I feel like I've been apologizing for this every post I make, but, again, sorry!)

However, I am now officially done with classes for the year and just have to push through my deadlines in the next couple of weeks and I will see myself with a lot more time to read! I've been craving some fun reads for a while, so hopefully this slump will go away, because my TBR won't tackle itself.

So, during February and March I only managed to read five books (hence why I waited until now to make a wrap up, because it's already really sad to look at as it is). Overall it was a more positive than negative balance on my opinions, so at least there's that!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books - TOP 5 WEDNESDAY!

I nearly squealed when I saw this week's topic, because FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION ARE MY JAM.


How am I picking only five, though? This is torture. I could easily do five of each, and still struggle.

As always, these do not necessarily go in order of my preference, for the sake of my sanity.

1. 'Red Rising' series, by Pierce Brown

[Review]     {Goodreads}

This is, simultaneously, one of the best and most painful series I have ever had the good fortune of reading in my life.

And when I say pain, I mean honest to God, 'what are you doing to me' pain. So absolutely worth it though, and Pierce is a complete mastermind and genious for putting this fantastic world together.

Cannot wait for the 'Iron Gold' trilogy to come out so I can die all over again!