Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books - TOP 5 WEDNESDAY!

I nearly squealed when I saw this week's topic, because FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION ARE MY JAM.


How am I picking only five, though? This is torture. I could easily do five of each, and still struggle.

As always, these do not necessarily go in order of my preference, for the sake of my sanity.

1. 'Red Rising' series, by Pierce Brown

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This is, simultaneously, one of the best and most painful series I have ever had the good fortune of reading in my life.

And when I say pain, I mean honest to God, 'what are you doing to me' pain. So absolutely worth it though, and Pierce is a complete mastermind and genious for putting this fantastic world together.

Cannot wait for the 'Iron Gold' trilogy to come out so I can die all over again!

2. 'Across the Universe' series, by Beth Revis

How could I possibly forget the series that made me completely fall in love with science fiction books?

I always recommend this to fans of 'The 100', but now I've added another layer: if you saw 'Passenger' and thought 'this could have actually been a good movie if it wasn't so rapey, misogynistic and plain weird', then this is the book for you. Same basic premise, but made of pure, sheer, awesomeness.

3. 'Afterworlds', by Scott Westerfeld

I should honestly start getting payed based on how much I've recommended this book over the last few years. I don't think a month goes by where I don't feature it in a post.

I will not rest until every soul on the planet has read it.

This is only half fantasy, so it technically still counts, and I always thought it is a great starting point for someone giving fantasy a go. Go on, read it, so I can finally stop talking about it. Never.

4. 'Illuminae', by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Even though I've only read the first book in the trilogy (I've had the second one taunting me from my shelf for ages, I've only not picked it up because I know I would then procrastinate on my work like there was no tomorrow), but the sheer concept of this always blows my mind.

To this day I still do not know how they manage to put a book made of files, transcripts and miscellaneous files together, and I will always tip my hat to that. And for creating AIDAN. *shudders*

5. 'Harry Potter' series, by J.K. Rowling

*Insert 'bet you didn't see that coming' gif here*

I've included this one last because honestly, it should always be considered to be a part of any of these type of lists from the get go.

Harry Potter will forever be the series that got me not only into fantasy, but into reading, and a re-read has been way overdue for years now. I miss Hogwarts!

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