Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

I was debating whether or not to try and do this Top Ten Tuesday, since I think what draws me in books is very run of the mill (and probably boring), but as I've been struggling to keep the blog updated (I'm almost done with uni for the year, so that should turn around soon!), I'm going with it anyway. Who knows, maybe it turns out to be interesting?

Here are the top ten things that make me want to read a book instantly!

1. Originality

This might seem like a given (I don't know who would like to read the same things over and over again), but originality not only in plot but in concept will immediately make me want to read a book that much more. For example, even if I wasn't an absolute fan of science fiction, as soon as the idea for 'Illuminae' was revealed, I needed that book in my hands ASAP.

There are thousands of books coming out every year, so something that makes one pop out of the pile will obviously bump it up in my interest! There is no time for boring books, am I right?

2. Diversity

I've been making it a mission for the past few years to read more diversely, not only in themes of sexuality and race but in POC authors, and that is something that I will actively prefer now. I am sick and tired of whitewashing and character casts that are whiter than bleach (especially in science fiction and fantasy, which are the genres I read the most. If you can't take advantage of a setting in space of a fantastical world to put some colour into your characters, then when are you going to do it?), not to mention straight as sticks characters.

As much as books are a way from escaping our world, everyone deserves to see themselves in them and seeing authors making an effort at that is a big plus in my book.

3. Pretty Covers

Do not judge me. Most of us do it. If a book has a very appealing cover, that immediately increases my chances of wanting to pick it up, even if plot wise it does not look completely mind-blowing.

I said don't judge me!

4. A little mystery...

As someone that is repulsed by spoilers, the less I know about a book, the better. I've noticed that blurbs, especially recently, tend to give pretty much everything away, and it's happened more than once that I've read a book and just knew everything that was going to happen, even if it wasn't black and white in the blurb, but it was easy enough to deduce from what was actually there.

I understand it from a marketing point of view, up to a degree, but if I see a book that essentially does not give anything away past how the story starts, that curious side of me will really want to know how it will develop from there.

5. Retellings

I don't even care if I'm not that big of a fan of the original story. If an author picks up a fairy tale, historical character, etc., to tell their story in a different way, I always want to know how they did it. I'm a big defender of the idea that one story can be told in a variety of different ways while still mostly fitting in with the original framework, and so I never get tired of seeing those different points of view!

6. The faves return

I have a small list of authors that I will always read anything they publish, and so, obviously, seeing their names on a new release puts them on my shopping cart instantly. Even if, genre or plot wise, it might not seem like my thing, or it goes against some of the other points on this list, I will still trust the author's previous work and go for it.

7. Fandom expansions

It has become popular in the publishing industry to release books that fit into the canon of tv series or movies, and I am an absolute fan of that trend. I have slowly been making my way through the Star Wars books, and they are done in a beautiful way that complement the movies, and actually offer you a new insight into them and give you essential information to understand them better. Because of that I'm going to start exploring new books based on my favourite characters and fandoms, and seeing new ones being introduced into the market just makes the nerd in me rejoice!

8. Historical placement

I am a big history nerd, and seeing books approach certain historical periods (like, for example, the Second World War, or all the way back to Egyptian times) peaks my interest instantly. Sometimes this fits into the retelling bit as well, and then it's a fantastic double combo!

9. Give me all the mythology

Very similarly to how it fits in history, plots based in mythology are also some of my favourite to read. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, whatever... GIVE ME IT.

10. Trust

There are a few people whose opinions I almost blindly trust when it comes to picking up books, and if I see them recommending a certain read, I will definitely take another look if I had dismissed it before or if I'd never heard of it. I have been pleasantly surprised in the past by doing this, so I will always give things people from this group tell me to read a go!


This definitely looks very normal to me, but what do you think? If you participated this week definitely share your posts in the comments, I'm curious to see what other people have as their auto-read criteria!

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