Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

This goes the opposite way from last week's Top Ten Tuesday, and I definitely struggled to make this list more than just a negative side to that post. However, like most things, it is always easier to know what you don't like than what you do, so here is my list of turn offs in books!

1. Love Triangles

If you are new here: Hi. I'm Sofia. I absolutely hate love triangles. I've documented this hate plenty here on the blog, and I will not stop until this disappears from the face of the Earth. If I read a blurb and there are only three named characters and it smells like a romance will happen between them at some point in the book, I will run away from that book quicker than if it was the plague itself.

2. Unnecessary Romance

Why, oh why does every story have to revolve around romance? There are other things that any human being worries about and has to deal with in their lives, and so seeing characters in books, especially in settings where they definitely should be worrying about bigger things, spend all their time fawning over a love interest bores me. Again, it is very easy to see this coming in blurbs most of the time, and so I do the equivalent of a swipe left on those ones... Thanks, but no thanks.

3. Glaring Racism

You would think that, in this 21st century of ours, this would not be something that could ever reach publication, but it still happens often enough that it is very worrying. Regardless of how good a book looks to me when publishers start advertising it, if I see anyone (especially POC) who has read the book early calling it out for racist themes, it is automatically out of mt TBR.

4. Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Are you not sick of seeing the same plots over and over again, where the only things that change are the names of people, things and places? I absolutely am, and there is nothing that bores me more when going through new releases.

5. Fool me once, shame on you

But fool me twice... If I read a book or series by an author that ended up being an absolute disaster, it is very unlikely I will ever read anything else by them. In theory everyone deserves a second chance, but the few times I have gone down that path I was doubly disappointed, so now I just trust my initial judgment and steer clear!

6. What is this about again?

As much as I like my vague blurbs, as I said last week, if you cannot see what a book is about in the slightest from it, then that is not a very good first step to take into a book. It often means the book is such a mess that not even industry professionals managed to make sense of it to explain its plot. Ain't nobody got time for that!

7.  Excessive Hype

Hype is always good to get a book off the shelves, but I am one of those weird being where if there is just way too much, I loose interest. I think it's the suspicious, doubtful side of me, because sometimes I will see one that actually seems interesting, but when everyone and their mothers starts talking about it, I immediately move on.

8. The Spin-off of the spin-off of the prequel

Don't get me wrong, extra content on your favourite series is always good, but there is such a thing as too much. There are authors out there that just don't seem to know when to quit, and more often than not a good paycheck means more than when a story has run its natural course.

9. Mid series cover changes

As someone that is usually very behind on my TBR (all you bookworms will surely relate), more often than not I will not get to a book I want to read before a sequel comes out, or even following books in the series. Sometimes, publishers will make the terrible decision of changing the covers of said series halfway through, and that enough can make me not start reading the series altogether. Missmatching books on a shelf are a big no-no.

10. The million sequels

This is almost the same as point 8, but even if a series is naturally built to last for a lot of books and it is actually not made of filler, if I find out about it when there are already a gazillion books out then I will not pick it up. I have way too much to read to dedicate so much time to only one world!


What about you? What are your hard no's when it comes to reading books?

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