About Me

Sofia is a 29 year old Portuguese bookworm currently living in Scotland. She has been reading every book she can get a hold of since a very young age and blogging since she learned that getting other people to read her favorite books is one of the most rewarding feelings a reader can have.

She also thinks talking about herself in the third person is very weird indeed, but that would be going beside the point.

After several years of running blogs in her native language of Portuguese, Sofia collaborated with a website that covered a bestselling book series (*cough* Twilight *cough*) as a translator and video editor. Putting that together with months of lurking the fantastic world of Booktube, she finally put her Journalism degree to good use and, in January 2015, started her own YouTube channel, AccioReviews, where she reviewed two of her favorite things, books and movies.

The written word has, however, always held a special place in her heart. So, after months of consideration, this blog was born in November, 2015! Here the awkwardness that always bubbles to the surface in front of the camera lens can be avoided, and posts can actually be more eloquent than 'Oh my God I really liked this book'.

Most of the time.

Sofia has no pets, although if she could she would have enough dogs to put together a football team.

She would name it 'Puppies United'. Probably.